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First of all congratulations – you seem to have colleagues with which you like to have fun with! You are now looking for a more communicative and/or creative alternative to the classic team building activities such as cart racing or building a raft? Maybe you want to get an office party going or reward the office nerds with their own StarWars painting?

We come to your office with our master artist and all supplies and get a fun art party going – including team building! We could also paint a portrait of your boss, a new interpretation of your logo or a picture of Berlin’s skyline for all new joinees… Just get in touch and we will send you our ideas!

Our advantages:

  We are mobile. Doesn’t matter if we go to a bar, outdoors or we paint at your office! We help you organize a unique event! You select yourself if you want help with the location or whether you will take care of it.

   We do the work for you – we bring all supplies and take all supplies and leave you with pieces of art created by yourselves!

  We paint your scenery of choice! Together with you and one of our master artists we choose the scenery, taking into account time and preferences. Events can range from 1-3 hours, even though most events are 1.5-2.5 hours.

  We are happy to organize a catering partner, if required, for you!

Interested in getting an offer for an extra-ordinary team event?

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