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Anelor Robin

Anelor Robin is born in the south of France in the middle of pine forests and one of our Berlin Master Artists!

She is well known for great collages and colorful styles!

Get to know Anelor Robin and read our interview below!

What motivates you to entertain people creativly ?

Anelor: After my studies I lead several workshops and as an artist I thought it was really rewarding to do and share about art with people and sometimes it leads you and them to unexpected discussion, thoughts and there is always a group dynamic that I particularly enjoy. Even in my own practise I often make collaboration with others artists, I enjoy confronting ideas and I highly appreciate sharing knowledge.

What makes you special of being an ArtNight Master Artist?

Anelor: I reckon I have a singular, colorful and positive personality. I want to show that we can make art with what we have in front of our eyes and re-enchant the world. I'm doing collages since many years (travel diaries, postcards,...) I think collage is a really fun technique and adapted to everybody.  

What 3 words describe you best?

Anelor: Curious, Cheerful, looking the world with child eyes, vintage

 Describe yourself in 3 short sentences?

Anelor Robin: I love colors, I wear bright colors and try to put colors in my daily life and be optimist. I'm really sensitive to my surrounding and curious about it. I'm an eternal dreamer, and I have a child heart.

How do you spend your time ?

Anelor: Going to flea market to find magazines, weird objects to add to my collection. Wandering in a city and making up mental stories.  

The favorite creative quote of Anelor Robin:

«It is physically impossible to mix an apple and a desk in the real world. But you can in a conceptual world. And in the process of mixing the two, you can mix them in the way you wantYoko Ono

What makes you an artist ?

Anelor: I think it's a perpetual work to be an artist, a work of every day life, always to be sensitive to his surrounding and an avant-garde approach of the world. I'm always trying to think about new project, new exhibition new collaboration and stimulate my imagination.

Your technique ?

Anelor: Collage/ Installation/ Smell and Food design concept

What has led you to be fascinated about art ?

Anelor: Dreams and determination. Since I'm a little girl I was really creative, painting, drawing, playing short theatre scene for my parents and particularly needy about art inspiration, begging for art books and going to see exhibition. As I remember my first art book was about Pierre Bonnard, a french Nabis painter, known for his intense use of color, complex compositions and his tendency to transcend reality that afterwards I feel really close.

What type of art inspires you every day ?

Anelor: I think I have the faculty to see the extraordinary in the ordinary life and i think it's what nourish my inspiration.

Your artistic idol ?

Anelor: I can't not really say that i have an idol, I have so many inspiration from different field that it will be hard to give one name. My references are a cross-over of aesthetic regardless time frame, origin, medium.

 Which artwork hangs currently in your living room / bedroom / apartment ?

Anelor: I have some artist friend's painting and pictures mixed with old vintage poster of french wrestler  and singer.   Want to join the next ArtNight? Explore our Events and get a ticket!    Get to know Anelor Robin even better via  Tumblr / Glueheads 
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