How ArtNights works - ArtNight

What can you expect at an ArtNight?

1. We offer you a selection of different paintings, locations and dates for your ArtNight


 Various painting motifs and great locations in your neighborhood 

 No boring activity and lot´s of possibilities by changing and entertaining artists

How ArtNight works

Together with our local arists, we prepare great paintings and special ArtNights for you, which offer you a varied creative experiece. It is very important for is that you are enjoying a great and entertaining ArtNight.

2. We offer you all materials and you don´t need any experience


 You don´t need to care about material, set-up or dismantling

 At the end of each ArtNight you can take your work with you 

How ArtNight works

It’s okay if you’ve never painted anything before —there’s no experience necessary and fun is our only requirement for your ArtNight. You can join our ArtNight relaxed without preparing anything before.

3. Experience something new with old and new friends


 Alone, in a group, with a date or your partner in crime – everyone is welcome

 Experience a perfect cocktail of creativity and conversation

How ArtNight works

We offer you an creative alternative to going to the restaurant, cinema or visiting a theater. At an ArtNight you have the opportunity to spend an evening with friends or to get to know new people in your neighborhood. Drink a glass of wine and create a painting—you’ll always go home with more than just a buzz.