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What you need: 1 medium sized paintbrush for color mixing Acrylic paints (primary colors only: red, yellow, & blue) 1 glass of water for cleaning your brush Paper towels or a cloth to dry your brush 1 paint palette Today we’re going to learn a bit of color theory and mixing (don’t worry, we’re starting […]

Photo von Jemima Praktikantin

Hi! I’m Jemima, the Social Media & Marketing intern for ArtNight. Now four months into my internship, I thought I’d share with you everything I’ve learnt so far! Where it all started… When weighing up your options for an internship, it’s very easy to gravitate towards the big-name companies. After all, who wouldn’t want Google, […]

Written by our ArtNight artist Kaitlyn Parker What you need:    paper (preferably something a little bit stronger than normal printer paper)    crayons    black acrylic paint    paint brush (optional…you can also just use your fingers)    sink/running water Process: Step 1 Choose your ‘canvas’ – which is some sort of paper for today’s project. The paper can […]

It’s officially spring and love is in the air as wedding season is fast approaching! We are so excited to be getting a slice of the wedding cheer at the ArtNight bachelorette parties we have lined up over the next few months and thought we’d lend a helping hand to those of you just getting started […]

ArtNight Facebook Event going viral! We woke up today finding out that somehow our Facebook event reached more than 100.000 people! Over 2.900 people clicked “Interested” so far for our StreetArt Banksy-ArtNight Event. We are not sure why but we are amazed and thankful! Virality at it’s best! Usually our ArtNights are attended by 20-30 […]

Interview with our Master Artist Verena Bonath Verena Bonath is a great Artist from Berlin using different and unique artistic techniques like the Collage Sublime and the Repainting. Get to know Verena Bonath and read the interview below! Book your ArtNight How would you describe yourself in three words? Verena: Freed, spontaneous, creative How do you spend your time? Verena: I am currently […]

Interview with our Master Artist Bella Grigoryants Bella Grigoryants is a Makeup-Artist and great Designer from Berlin! Get to know Bella Grigoryants and read the interview below! How do you spend your time? Bella: I try to do 3 things: learn new things, read and spend time with my husband and 2 kids. Your favorite creative quote? Bella: Creativity […]

Interview with our Master Artist Adrielle Santos Peukert Adrielle Santos Peukert is a Body- and  Make-Up-Artist with the name “ADRIATICA BODYART“, currently living in Berlin! Get to know Adrielle Santos Peukert and read the interview below! Or directly ArtNight with Adrielle: Tell us something about you: Adrielle: I am a Body- and  Make-Up-Artist(ADRIATICA BODYART), currently living in […]

Kaitlyn Parker makes everyone an Artist Kaitlyn Parker wants to spread the joy of art. Her motto: Most importantly art should be fun !!! 🙂 Get to know more about Kaitlyn Parker in the following interview or directly book an event with Kaitlyn:

Interview with our Master Artist Aura Raja Semrau Aura Raja Semrau loves to smile and to think outside the box! Her Motto for ArtNight: Enjoy and freak out! Get to know Aura Raja Semrau and read the interview below! Or directly get a ticket for the next ArtNight with Aura: