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ArtNight is THE extraordinary art event for everybody!

We combine creativity and socializing in our ArtNights. We inspire people to create their own master pieces, to get together and socialize with old and new friends, and, above all, to experience a fun night out! We offer public events as well as private and company events. Our events are an fun alternative to existing entertainment or team building options.

With ArtNight everybody can be an artist!

The details

ArtNight takes place in Berlin and soon in different cities across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The ArtNight Funevents offer 1.5 to 3 hours of evening entertainment. A local artist instructs guests how to paint an image and with these instructions we enable even the most beginner painters to create their own, beautiful version of the painting. Our events are not art classes, they are fun workshops which offer a lot of time to socialize and enjoy a couple of healthy-ish beverages.  Guests can, but are not required to, have any (yup – none, nada, zero) prior painting experience. It’s all about trying something new and making a fun experience. ArtNight provides all equipment – just bring yourself and be in a good mood. If not, we make your mood good!

About ArtNight

ArtNight was founded in the summer of 2016 in Berlin. The two founders are passionate about bringing people together and having fun. They believe art is a fantastic form to do so and both look forward to making every ArtNight an exceptional experience for you.


Email: [email protected]

Tel.: +49 178 – 1390807

(Please don’t call us at night – except if you are hosting a rooftop party and want to invite us!)